It wasn't that long since I was lost
And not long ago that I found
My righteousness alone
Would quickly exhaust
Unless I saw the Christ on the cross.

Despising Him for dying in my place,
I tried to do it all by myself.
I did not understand
That this would erase
The very definition of grace.

My self-wrought righteousness finally failed
And led me to the edge of a gulf
I knew I could not cross.
My sin was unveiled
In sight of the Innocent One nailed.

But all at once my vision was glossed
And all I could see was glorious light.
The bloodied wood shone bright
Highlighting the cost
Of the bridge that looked like a cross.

Yet it was for me that Jesus died!
And His arm is never too short
That He cannot save
Or ransom His bride
And bring her safely home to His side.