next week, i will board a plane to japan.

it seems like i’ve been doing that a lot lately. a few weeks ago, i flew home to see my family over easter break. once finals were over, i joined my school’s choir and orchestra on a flight to atlanta for our concert tour of the southeastern states. and now in a matter of days, i’ll be flying to japan.

maybe i’m trying to convince myself that it’s real. i never thought i could say those words and mean them, but they are true and it’s such an exciting reality. i’ll be interning with guy healy, japan developing an english curriculum for a new program called english for the next generation (eng). i can’t wait.

"the world is a big place and i like to think we bring death to distance."1 everywhere i go, my understanding of God’s grace expands and i see more facets of His glory. i can’t think of a better way to spend my summer.

what are you waiting for? the day is gone.
i said i’m waiting for dawn
what are you aiming for out here alone?
i said i’m aiming for home2