california is beautiful. i love being immersed in new environments, and detecting slight differences in environments and cultures i might not otherwise get to enjoy. the best way to describe california is free. i noticed it almost the moment the plane landed, this freedom from inhibition and liberty to be yourself.

they walk down the street barefoot.

i’m not really sure what they do with their shoes—if they never put them on, or if they just get tired of them by midday, but i have to fight involuntary giggles when i see them sometimes.

lots of times, they’re barefoot skateboarding, too. it’s awesome to watch; it’s a regular art, with all the leaning and riding the inclines and whatnot. and they get so embarrassed when they fall off, too, like it actually reflects their character or something.

they wear whatever they like to wear, absolutely whenever. i’m not really sure anything is in style here ever. everyone just wears whatever suits them. maybe that’s america and not just california in general, but i’m pretty sure half of them just walked off the beach before class.

i love it. i love how unafraid they are of being true to who they are. it’s a beautiful concrete reminder of what true freedom looks like…like when the Son sets us free, which is the only time we’ll be free indeed.