Julianna Mitchell and Carley Anderson are hosting their 2019 Spring Studio Recital on May 19, 2019 at Grace Baptist Church in Pennellville, NY. Please see the map at the bottom of this page to obtain directions. Ample parking is free and available to the public.

We want to create a meaningful printed program for our audience to learn more about each student and the pieces they will be playing. This makes for a more meaningful experience and helps showcase your student’s talent! For an example of previous years’ programs, please click here.

To facilitate the creation of the program, please complete the following form on behalf of each student participating in the recital no later than May 10, 2019 in order to ensure inclusion in the printed program. If you have any questions about any of this, please speak with your teacher.

Student's name *
Student's name
Please provide the student's age at the time of the recital. This is not necessary for adult students.
Please choose the option that is closest to the number of years the student has been studying the instrument or voice they will perform at the recital.
Please list up to three hobbies or interests the students enjoys, beyond music study.
Please estimate the number of guests you anticipate will join us for the recital, including the student themselves. We want to be sure to have enough cake and programs! :)
Agreeing to photography is not a requirement for participating in the recital. Photographs will be shared with parents and will be posted on the teachers' websites as marketing/promotional material if permission is granted.
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Name
Please type your name in lieu of signature for authorization/declination to photography of a minor as indicated in the previous question.